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Help Blockchain startups raise Funds in the US

Help Blockchain startups in the U.S looking for  Seed Financing, Angel Investors and VC Capital.

US & China Blockchain Market Entry & Fundraising

Help companies who want to enter US and China Blockchain markets, finding the right Partners, Users, as well as Investors.

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Ultimate Cryptocurrencies Dashboard

We have developed TT.IO  TT.IO a one-stop solution Crypto-market dashboard that provides everything needed to investors and users to help to get better ROI.

white paper consulting

White Paper Consulting

Provide white paper writing and consultancy services for our customer’s Blockchain projects, in order to help them raising funds, or execute  IEO or STOs.

Blockchain Strategy & Partnerships.

We plan and execute your Strategy and connect you with Partners and Investors.



Blockchain Congress & Summits

Organize Blockchain high-end Conferences, Summits or smaller size Private Investors Meetings its planning, case-by-case implementation and reporting to the news outlets.

apps dev

Apps Development and Promotion

We design and develop apps for our customers and promote them in order to attract the maximum number of users.

Online Blockchain Promotion activities

Design and publish for our customers different web pages, apps, and H5 online activities”

offline activities

Press Conferences and Press Releases

Organize Press Conferences, its planning, guests invitations and full exposure services for enterprises who are raising funds.


Offline Blockchain Activities Host

We use the resources of our platforms to organize for the customer several offline activities hosted by top  blockchain professionals.


Blockchain Events Marketing

Our Professional marketing teams customize different Event marketing programs and implement activities on the ground.


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General Media Promotion

Design a general media campaign in different Media outlets, with articles, ads and  Promotion Services.

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Media Strategy Planing and interviews

Plan the media campaigns with the founder-team, prepare the original articles, press releases, press interview, video interview, etc