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About Us

Zytech 123

Who We Are

Zytech123 Blockchain, with offices in San Francisco, NYC and Germany, is a Blockchain Advisory Firm. It belongs to Zytech Group.

We help companies grow their businesses in US, Germany, Spain and Latam, and connect them with investors.

We have several partnerships: with MLG Blockchain, one of the world’s largest Advisory Firms.

Why people are
Choosing Zytech123 to grow and enter US + Global Blockchain Markets.


It partners with a world’s leading Blockchain Advisory Firm

MLG Blockchain is one of the world’s largest Blockchain Advisory firms in the world. It was crucial for TRON’s Capital raise from 200MM to 1.6 Billion.

It is a Global Market Entry Specialist

Zytech123’s partner in China, BTC123 started in 2011, and has 120 employees, 700.000 users and 1M Peak Views. It is a leading and Pioneer Blockchain media Platform in China.

It is based in Silicon Valley, in the Heart of the Blockchain Community

Zytech123 is based in Starfish Network, in San Francisco, in the heart of the Blockchain community. It has access to the early stages of Blockchain projects even before they get funded.