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Our Services


  1. Corporate Strategy.
  2. Connecting investors with emerging tech & blockchain companies
  3. Blockchain startups’ Operations management.
  4. We help blockchain companies to enter Silicon Valley.

Zytech123 connects investors with best in class blockchain startups.

We help blockchain startups grow, and connect with seed financing, angel investors and VCs.

MLG Blockchain

Blockchain Advisory Services

We plan and execute your strategy.  Zytech123 connects you with potential partners and investors. 

Zytech123 is the official Silicon Valley Partner of MLG Blockchain. MLG is one of the world’s largest blockchain advisory firms.

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Managing companies operations with our team of professionals, and growing them to success.

Our team of professionals is managing startups  and our clients’ whole operations including Marketing, Tokenomics, Financials, Listing in Exchanges, etc.

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connecting blockchain startups

US & Spain/LatAm Blockchain Market Entry & Connecting with investors.

We help companies enter US and SPAIN/LATAM Blockchain markets. Our service also includes finding the right investors and partners.



Startups Congress & Summits in the U.S

Help to attend Blockchain high-end Conferences, Summits, smaller size Private Investors Meetings. Plan strategy and case-by-case implementation.

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Strategic Partnerships and Investors

We design the whole strategy for our customers, including finding strategic partners and investors.

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Startups Events, Marketing and Presentations in the US and Spain/LatAm

Our Professional marketing teams customize different Event marketing programs and implement activities on the ground.