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We make possible your China Blockchain Market Entry

Blockchain China Market Entry for Startups

Zytech 123 is an Incubator that helps Blockchain American (and foreign) Startups to enter China Market. Based in the U.S. and China, belongs to BTC123, the Leading Blockchain Media Platform in China with 700.000 users, 120 employees and 1 Million Page Views peaks. We have offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and in Chengdu, the capital of the Blockchain miners in China.

Our mission

Our Mission is to help American (and foreign) Blockchain startups to establish and grow their Business in China, one of the largest global Blockchain markets in the world.

We Incubate the startups, promote their Sales, look for Investors, Partners, Customers, Exchange Platforms and provide other tailor-made services for successful Entry in China market.

Get the benefits of one of the largest Blockchain markets in the world, outsourcing your sales, finding partners and investors before opening a subsidiary in China. With the support from the first Blockchain Media platform in the country, and the largest B2B Blockchain Platform of China.

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Zytech 123
China BlockchainMarket Entry
Zytech123 Blockchain is an American Blockchain Incubator with offices in Silicon Valley, NYC and HQ in China.
It is a Joint Venture between Zytech and Pulsar Group (owner of the largest Media platform BTC123, the Exchange Platform QBTC and the B2B Database B91.
In China BTC123 has  734.000 users, peaks of 1M Page views and a team of 120 employees specialized in Media, Marketing, Fintech Analysis and has the largest B2B Blockchain platform in the country, with 170.000 companies, so we can help foreign blockchain startups enter China Market with the best tailor-made Strategy.
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